Just like that, there's life.

Our first image of our future. This little 6 weeks old heart shaped lentil would be in our arms in 8 months! Am I really old enough for this? I still feel like a 16 year old sometimes, so when the heck did I become age appropriate to have a baby and not be judged?

Well, after the third anniversary and Matt graduating law school, the questions of “when are you guys going to have babies?” came on a daily basis. That was the first clue. Then, when we found out we were actually expecting and told our parents and families they screamed and cried out of excitement not disappointment. Also a pretty good feeling. So I guess that means we’re ready?

Not quite. In the same fashion as being engaged, you immediately want to accomplish something. For me, I purchased my wedding dress 4 days after getting the ring…. Nothing like hitting the ground running. This is a little different, you don’t know a lot of things one needs to know before making any purchases. For years, you dream of nurseries and baby clothes and names and baby accessories and so on. But this is not a hypothetical dream anymore, there is really a baby growing and you and your husband are now responsible for everything that surrounds this baby. AAAAAHHHHHH! I’m not sure we realized that. I mean you think you know, but when that test says “Pregnant” you all of a sudden have a reality check!

We started off online, reading reviews and safety reviews on infant car seats, baby carriers, strollers, bouncers, cribs, swings, bottles, and pack n plays, until our heads spun. I was a nanny for years and we have nieces and nephews, but we had to make the decision on what we thought was best for our baby. The pressure is unreal. You think because something is made for a baby, it must be safe. But that’s not always the case. I think the reviews scared us more than anything. What if what we picked out wasn’t good for our baby, what if it hurt our baby? I guess those instincts jump in right away and they are no joke. Having to pick out what my kid is going to ride in the car in, was way more difficult than I had ever imagined.

On to the fun stuff! My first purchase! After telling a few friends over the phone, and most of our family, the fun of telling people in person was next. Of course telling one of my good friends meant she would talk me into buying something that day. I walked out of The Children’s Place carrying my first bag of baby clothes. Three pjs. Holy cow! This wasn’t my first experience buying clothes for a child, but these were for MY child. Obviously the shock hadn’t worn off yet. Since then, I have purchased plenty of clothes to get this baby through the first few weeks. Did I mention we’re not finding out the gender? Well, we’re not. So my mission of finding a few weeks worth of things until I take this baby our their first shopping trip, is mostly accomplished. And it’s becoming more normal each time I swipe my debit card.

Now I am a few days shy of being half way cooked. Time is really flying! I plan on trying to update as things happen and we get new pictures (I do have two more I will add.) I hope I can use this as a way to keep track for myself and share my story with everyone else! There may be quite a few posts this week to get all caught up!